New Orleans’ Original Record & Music Shop

Music Lovers, Rejoice!

Mushroom New Orleans is the longest-operating independent record store in NOLA, with a huge selection of records, LPs, CDs, DVDs and Blu Ray available for sale and trade. Come unload your old stuff and browse through our eclectic collection of music and movies.

Our roots are in the record swapping business, and we’ve been collecting vinyl since the ‘70’s, so you can trust our selection is competitive and browse-worthy.

Looking for the latest turntable technology? Record players are swiftly making a comeback, and our staff is happy to help you decide which best fits your entertainment needs. We carry Crosley record players, known for their craftsmanship, great functionality and retro designs. Listen to music from a USB or SD card, as well as from CDs, cassettes, radio or vinyl. Crosley record players are also available with internal or external speakers, depending on the model.

We typically carry the following Crosley record players, but feel free to give us a call if you’re looking for other brands or models, as our selection frequently rotates:

  • Crosley Director
  • Crosley Lancaster
  • Crosley Traveler
  • Crosley C100
  • Crosley Player
  • Crosley Keepsake
  • Crosley Cruiser